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Throughout, our people have always been our secret ingredient. Treating each other well is our way of life. Delivering wholesome food and a wholesome workplace is the best way to ensure enthusiastically satisfied customers and sharing the flavors we've experienced along the way is always the start of a good thing.

Bringing Mexico to you

Having worked in several other establishments early on, our founder developed a vision on bringing the true flavor of Mexico to the table. Senor Tequila has since expanded but never lost sight of the goal. Cutting no corners and remaining true to its roots, Senor Tequila promises to bring Mexico to you.

Enjoy many adventures in Mexico, the recipes we've discovered, and of course, the margaritas. We hope you'll agree that is the best dang margaritas and Mexican food in Central Arkansas — together with an atmosphere that makes you forget why you need a getaway in the first place.

Serving the flavors of Mexico since 1994

Our founder diced to bring good Mexican food and great tasting margaritas to Little Rock, and the tradition continues today with few great locations.


Visit us at any of our locations to experience the true flavors of authentic Mexican food. Call us to find out more!


Pina Colada Margarona

Our people are our secret ingredient!

Senor Tequila was first opened in September 1994 by Sergio Atilano. The mission was to convert a successful restaurant — a vision that our founder foresaw and moved to Arkansas to launch his dream in 1994. Sergio Atilano, the founder of Senor Tequila, has a vast background in Mexican cuisine. With the intent of bringing you the most genuine and accurate representation of Mexican food, Senor Tequila was born.

Travel to Mexico through delicious food!

Everyone needs a healthy scape every now and then; Senor Tequila was built on the simple promise of providing the best Mexican food around. Cooking in our family comes from villages from Mexico. Sergio Atilano was born in the state of Guanajuato, he migrated to the United States back in 1985, homesteading first in California as a farm worker then moved to Tennessee and worked in the restaurant business and that's where he learned how to operate a restaurant.

Committed to cook for you and your family!

Tacos al pastor Carnitas Fajitas Sergio